/Divine Mother
solfeggio sagrado 528
Solfeggio Sagrado del Amor 528 Hz - Circulo perfecto del sonido
Solfeggio Sagrado del Amor 528 Hz
174Hz - Foundation
285Hz - Quantum Cognition
7:11min 285Hz
396Hz -Liberation From Fear
7:11min 396Hz
417Hz - Transmutation
7:11min 417Hz
528Hz -DNA Repair (Miracle)
7:11min 528Hz
639Hz - Relationship Harmonization
7:11min 639Hz
741Hz - Consciousness Expansion
7:11min 741Hz
852Hz - Awakening Intuition
7:11min 852Hz
963Hz - Numinous Accord
7:11min 963Hz
7:11min 6 +
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For best results, please use stereo headphones.
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714HZ  Reordering of Perception
This track corresponds to an isometric time
lattice reconfiguring the etheric template of
perception, assisting in the reorganization and
integration nonlinear awareness in to focal
points of time. This track uses a brainwave
entrainment program to relax the listener from
the beta state of hyper vigilant conscious
awareness into an alpha state with intermittent
theta bursts. This helps in the acceleration of
the unconscious processing of information that
expands the cognitive filters.